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March 28, 2012


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Rumour control

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 28, 2012, 2:21 PM
Ever since shortly after BroNYCon January, ugly rumours about me, and about the con, have circulated over and over throughout the Internet. (They have been accompanied by frequent LGBT-bashing attacks and bigotry.) This isn't a coincidence or the random work of disinterested trolls. It is a deliberate and prolonged smear campaign.

Shortly after BroNYCon January, five staffers made a power grab, attempting to obtain financial and logistical control over the con. I did not let them seize control. They walked; only two returned even temporarily to the staff. These now ex-staffers have been leaking documents and spreading lies and distortions about me, and about BronyCon, ever since. Their aim was to destroy my reputation and that of the con.

When I was on the staff myself, I wasn't allowed to react to any of this. I was under tremendous pressure from the staff to ignore these rumours. But the people spreading them are very persistent. It's late March, and the rumours are still swirling. As I am no longer on the con staff in any capacity, and as the con staff has demonstrated an unwillingness to involve themselves in rumour-fighting (both before and after I stepped down), I am forced to go it alone. So be it; I have ample evidence to disprove all the lies myself. I will now share this evidence with the world, to put this nonsense to rest once and for all.

The following is a list of claims being made about me, along with evidence disproving them. I've tried my best to make this list as exhaustive as possible. Accordingly, it's rather long. I am hoping that with the publication of all this evidence, I can finally clear my name and move on with my life.


Claim: "Purple Tinker committed fraud by selling raffle tickets but never holding the raffle or awarding prizes!"
Reality: 100% incorrect. The raffle was held in December 2011, as planned (just a few weeks behind schedule).
Evidence 1: Announcement made publically on the Bronies-NYC mailing list listing the winner. Note date: 12/27/11.
Evidence 2: Private communications with the announced winner about how to claim his prize. Note dates.
Evidence 3: The original source file containing the Gold Sponsor badges printed for the con. (The main component of the prize was a Gold Sponsor seat to BroNYCon, an extremely rare item-- only 6 were offered for BroNYCon January 2012):…


Claim: "Purple Tinker says she's in her 30s, but she's really in her 40s!"
Reality: Nope. I was born in 1979. Proof:


Claim: "Purple Tinker was arrested, with a butterfly knife, high on meth, at Canterlot Gardens."
Reality: 100% incorrect. I was in Brooklyn, NY, doing a charity event called 'Tink in a Box' (… ) which raised over $2,000 (… ). I've never been arrested, I've never owned a butterfly knife, and I've never done drugs.

Evidence: Here's the Strongsville Police Department confirming that no one with my surname was arrested on that weekend.…


Claim: "Purple Tinker stole/embezzled $18,000 of money from BronyCon."
Reality: Literally impossible. The convention was being run (at the time) as an unincorporated home business of mine. In other words, in the eyes of the IRS, the con did not exist; only I did. There WAS no separate "BronyCon, Inc." or "BronyCon, LLC". I took in all money myself, and I paid out all con expenses myself.

Accordingly, all con income was, legally speaking, mine; so was the TAX BURDEN from said income. It was self-employment income and self-employment expenses. After the last con, I was left with around $18,000 in funds, and a comparable or greater amount of TAX BURDEN.

In other words, I DID NOT EARN $18,000 PROFIT and may, in fact, have even lost money. ($18K in funds and e.g. $20K in debt equals a loss!)

Even if I had made money on the con, that is not illegal or immoral. I spent more hours on the con than on my day job most weeks, for many weeks. Even had the con been formally incorporated as a not-for-profit (which it was not yet), compensation for work is not illegal or immoral even in non-profits. Most people who work for non-profits are paid for their work.

In fact, the other two "core staffers" as of the time of the convention were also compensated, per their insistence. One received $6,000, the other $2,000. (That is what they asked for, and that is what they were given.) Noteworthy is that they were NOT, and are NOT, liable for the tax burden for all con income; I, however, am. They are merely liable for the tax burden for the $6,000 / $2,000 payments they received from me, so they DEFINITELY made money off of the con, whereas I might not have.

Nonetheless, once I have finally computed my taxes for the year 2012 (which will include a computation of income versus expenses/taxes for BroNYCon January), I will be donating any profits I did earn to anti-bullying charity 'Day Of Pink' ( / Jer's Vision (


Claim: "Purple Tinker used con funds to buy herself Apple equipment." / "Purple Tinker bought a MacBook Pro and two iPads"

Reality: See the response to the previous claim; there was no separation between "con funds" and "my funds". The two were one and the same. This was a messy way to do things, but neither illegal nor immoral.

Through purchasing some equipment, I compensated myself for months of work-- which, again, is neither illegal nor immoral. (It is never illegal or immoral to be paid for one's work, regardless of whether one works for a corporation, a non-profit, or oneself.)

For the record, the amount I spent on this equipment (a MacBook Pro and ONE iPad-- why would I want two?) was LESS than what the former security chief of the con received for his work. Earning several thousand dollars for several MONTHS of work is not illegal, immoral, or excessive.

The payment to the security chief, incidentally, was made at the insistence of one of the walkouts who've been engaged in sliming the con. I've since been slimed for MAKING said payment.


Claim: "Purple Tinker ruined My Little Pony Fair."

Reality: I did no such thing.

Evidence: Refuted by MLP Fair themselves at… (screenshot at )


Claim: "Purple Tinker caused problems for the staff at BronyCon Summer 2012."

Reality: I did no such thing.

Evidence: Refuted by Bronycon's head of PR at… (screenshot at )


Claim: "Purple Tinker screwed over TrotCon by association with them."

Reality: I did no such thing.

Evidence: Refuted by TrotCon themselves at… (screenshot at )


Claim: "Purple Tinker told the grieving parents of a dead girl 'God wanted your child dead'".

Reality: Of course I didn't. This is a sterling example of deliberate 4chan distortion of reality.

First off, I don't believe in God-- nor did I believe in God when this statement was written (five YEARS ago!)-- so I wouldn't presume to state what a nonexistent being "wanted".

The parents in question were engaged in suing the surgeon of their daughter's nose job, after she died during the operation.
Only problem: She died from a random reaction to the anaesthesia-- and it's the ANAESTHESIOLOGIST who is in charge of that, not the surgeon.

But even the anaesthesiologist was innocent-- random adverse reactions to general anaesthesia are very well-known. Put simply, every time you go under, there's a small chance you won't come back up. Literally NO ONE was to blame.


I was incensed by this, particularly because the surgeon was a friend of a friend, as well as the man who did my own nose job. To have him accused of malpractice over a random death which he could not have possibly prevented is an outrage.

Making matters worse, the suing parents were/are very religious-- they were/are pious orthodox Jews. To have a couple of holier-than-thou religious folks cynically suing an innocent man, wrecking his life for money, really ground my gears.

The actual quote is "Your daughter's death was tragic, but by no means was it the fault of Dr. [NAME]-- or anyone else. You want someone to blame? BLAME G-D." And I will stand by that statement. Religious people generally assign blame for random deaths to God. These parents should have stuck to that tradition, rather than dragging an innocent man's name through the mud.


Claim: [Anything involving the alleged chat log posted at -- or any subsequent variations thereof]
Reality: This chat log hit 4chan on September 17, 2012. However, it is a fabrication. Dead giveaway: the timestamp "[6:55:62 PM]". There is no such time as "62 seconds after the hour".

Further, as of the time of the release of this log, there was no such person or alias as 'Tangerine Crash':…

(I have since created the alternate account 'tangerinecrash' on Twitter: -- Any other 'Tangerine Crash' account you may see is not me, and has been created since the release of this fabrication.)

Beyond this, I would never use a racial slur against anyone else, however I may feel about them, and I would never claim that Lauren Faust is my "best friend".

And finally, the fictional 'Purple Tinker' of this log doesn't even match my writing style! Note multiple errors like uncapitalised proper names ('sethisto'), missing commas, missing full stops, etc. The person attempting to satirise/parody/smear me failed to impersonate my anal-retention.


Claim: "Purple Tinker never confirmed John or Lauren as Guests of Honour before announcing them for BronyCon Summer 2012."
Reality: I had firm commitments from both John and Lauren before announcing them, and had worked out the appearance fee and numerous other financial details with John's agent as well (Lauren was very busy and her financials had to be worked out later). The final paperwork was delayed until later, due to Hasbro taking time to establish a formal policy for such things (see… ). But they were (and are) very much confirmed. There was never a "maybe" about it, and announcing a guest on a firm verbal or written promise of attendance is accepted practice. (Sometimes, final contract negotiations take quite a bit of time.)

Evidence 1: Lauren's brief initial "I'm in" email:
Evidence 2: Lauren confirming (before BroNYCon January) that it was okay to announce her summer appearance during that con, and confirming date flexibility:
Evidence 3: Lauren retroactively affirming that the dates chosen were okay:
Evidence 4: Hasbro's "mole" from BroNYCon January referencing Lauren's upcoming appearance:
Evidence 5: John tweeting with a fan about attending the con, back in January:


Claim: "Purple Tinker left BroNYCon January 2012 after half an hour, left the staff hanging, and then took credit for their hard work."
Reality: I worked all through the night before the con, and several hours (NOT half an hour) into the con. At that point, the venue put a temporary end to further admissions due to overcrowding. I was severely sleep-deprived (having been awake for around 36 hours) and very much distraught. I did NOT leave the staff hanging; rather, I consulted with several staffers to ensure that they could run the show without me (and was assured that they could). Only then did I turn the convention over to the staff and sleep for several hours. The staff did an excellent job in my absence.

When I returned, people congratulated me on the convention. I said "Thank you." This is why I am accused of taking credit for others' work. However, this cuts both ways. When you're the Con Chair, you get hit with all the blame when things go wrong -and- with all the credit when things go right. It's a double-edged sword. While I should probably have spoken up about the wonderful job the staffers did, at that point I was still a little too dazed to think straight.

After the convention, I IMMEDIATELY began work on ways to fix the registration problems (coding a new reg system) and to ensure that the overcrowding issues would never occur again (which is why the new venue, the Meadowlands, is so huge). I had learned from what went wrong and wanted to move on, but certain now-ex-staffers only wanted to tear me down.

Evidence: Conversation between myself and a veteran BronyCon staffer.


Claim: "300 people were turned away at BroNYCon January 2012, and little children were left crying because they couldn't get in."
Reality: Less than a dozen prepaid ticketholders did not make it in. I refunded all of them and comped some or all into the next convention, plus apologised profusely. If 300 people did not make it in, then why does BroNYCon January have a 4.21/5 star rating on Clearly, the overwhelming majority of fans got in and had a good time.

The overcrowding led me to seek out (and find) a much larger venue so that in the future, NOBODY would be turned away.

Evidence: (note 4.21/5 star rating)


Claim: "Purple Tinker deliberately oversold the venue for BroNYCon January 2012."
Reality: I did not and would not. I calculated the square footage of the convention space and determined that it could safely hold over 800 people (the fire code capacity of the main hall ALONE was 440, the central foyer could hold 140, and the hallways used for the Artist's Alley could hold several hundred more), and thus set a cap of 650 plus 100 at-the-door sales. Unfortunately, a lot more people than 100 arrived at the door, and the reg system was a mess. Thus, too many people got in, and the convention was overcrowded.

In fact, I was so upset by the overcrowding that occurred early in the day that I immediately sought out a MUCH larger venue for the next con. Eventually, I found the Meadowlands, which can hold thousands of people. Before I left the BronyCon staff, I signed for the Meadowlands, ensuring that overcrowding would NOT occur again.

Evidence:… ; notes:
1. Theatre capacity of the Gold Ballroom-- the main hall at the con-- of 440
2. Theatre or banquet capacity of the Gold Foyer-- the central foyer at the con-- of 140 (configured as it was, with a minimum of furniture, it could hold those 140 even more spaciously)
3. Not noted on the chart is the square footage of the Artist's Alley corridors-- but they were, added together, nearly as large as the Gold Ballroom!

Thus 440 + 140 + 2-300 more (or 780-880) was a sound estimate.


Claim: "Purple Tinker upset the VAs [at BroNYCon January 2012]." / "Purple Tinker did not pay the VAs [for BroNYCon January 2012]" / "The VAs were horrified at BronyCon [after BroNYCon January 2012]" / "Purple Tinker dressed inappropriately at a formal dinner [after BroNYCon January 2012]" / "Purple Tinker ripped off Nicole Oliver [at BroNYCon January 2012]" / "Purple Tinker had the VAs picked up in a crappy van [for BroNYCon January 2012]" / misc. rumours about dealings with VAs.
Reality: The VAs like me and like BronyCon. They always have.

As for the van, it was a very nice, clean van, sent by the limo company. Neither of the VAs involved cared. Both wanted to come back, and both were quite happy with me. The VAs are very kind people, not snobs.

As for the "formal" dinner, there was never such a thing. There was a dinner at a casual restaurant (… -- note the dress code, "Casual"). Except for one ambitious young security staffer, everyone (including the VA) was dressed informally.

Evidence 1: Thank-you note from one of the VAs:
Evidence 2: Corresponding thank-you email from her agent: … the implied offer of additional VAs for future cons.
Evidence 3: One of the VAs wishing to return to the con:
Evidence 4: Another of the VAs wishing to return to the con: … one was sent to me because the agent did not realise that I'd stepped down as Con Chair. I promptly forwarded it to the then-current Con Chair.)
Evidence 5: Proof that I didn't rip off Nicole Oliver (and that she had a great time at the con!): ; note the date. She was paid IN CASH on the day of the con itself!


Claim: "Purple Tinker made a VA sign like 6 posters for free at a fancy dinner [after BroNYCon January 2012]."
Reality: I had made arrangements in advance to have a VA sign a number of posters at the INFORMAL dinner mentioned above (see previous point). She was happy to do so, and this occurred after dessert.

For some strange reason, one of the five walkouts found the idea of me having a VA sign posters (even for charity!) at a dinner to be HIGHLY inappropriate, and took me to task for it.

These posters were part of a series of charity auctions to benefit children in need, and the $1100+ in funds they generated was sent directly to Toys for Tots by eBay.

Evidence 1:…
Evidence 2 (auction listing #1):
Evidence 3 (auction listing #2):
Evidence 4 (auction listing #3):


Claim: "Hasbro is suing BronyCon because of Purple Tinker."
Reality: Utter bosh. Hasbro had employees monitoring the convention both in September 2011 and in January 2012. Both times, they left happy.
Evidence: Here is an email I received after the January con from Hasbro's "mole" at the con: Note also that he references Lauren's upcoming appearance at the summer con.


Claim: "The entire con staff walked out after BroNYCon January 2012."
Reality: Five people (out of a much larger staff) walked out, after a failed power grab. Prior to the convention, two of these were self-appointed "core staffers". (Foolishly, I let them define themselves as this.) After the con, these two added an additional three "core staffers" of their choosing. These five comprised the walkout group.


Claim: "Purple Tinker tried to take over the Ohio Bronies group." / "Purple Tinker demanded that she be listed as an organiser of every bronies meetup group."
Reality: Not only did I not do this, but I'd have no reason to. I don't think I've ever even BEEN to Ohio. I've always been on good terms with the head of the Ohio group.

As best I can tell, this rumour started because in the past, I FUNDED the listings of Bronies-Boston and Bronies-Phoenix. When you fund a group on, you are -always- listed as Organiser. The only way to abdicate this role is to make someone else pay.

1) A response from the head of the Ohio group, who was (and is) just as perplexed as me by this rumour:
2) A response from the head of the North Carolina group, who likewise was completely perplexed.
3) Publically posted renunciation of the rumour from the head of the North Carolina group: …;


Claim: "Purple Tinker said she stepped down, but was still listed on the staff roster."
Reality: I stepped down as CON CHAIR first, but remained in a support role on the staff for several weeks. I then stepped down from the staff entirely.


Claim: "Purple Tinker demanded that you use to have a group listed on"
Reality: There were always at least TWO options to be listed on establish a group (I am not affiliated with, or establish a group (which is free). After pressure to allow people to list things like Facebook groups, third-party websites, etc., I started allowing links to whatever people wanted.

Even had I required the use of RBDN to be listed on, that would not be illegal, immoral or atypical. To play Mass Effect 3, one has to register with EA's free Origin service. To post videos on Youtube, one has to obtain a free account in Google's system. And so on. These were all free services, and I made no money from any of them. The donations I received from community members to advertise on RBDN were solely enough to cover the hosting costs of the site itself-- and most months, there was no advertiser at all (meaning I paid for the site out of my own pocket).


Claim: "Purple Tinker stole charity money."
Reality: A project to give a bunch of cool gifts to the creators of the show (not "charity") was DELAYED. In the end, I turned all the money (every single penny) over to Bejoty, the other person involved in this gift drive. Bejoty, despite having complained about my own slowness, then took his own sweet time in completing the project. (Two standards are at work here.)


Claim: "Purple Tinker is just imagining a conspiracy. The people she says are bashing her are doing their own thing and have nothing to do with bashing her or the con."
Reality: Just within the past several weeks, the following things have happened:

1) One of the walkout group referring a (then) staff applicant to another of the walkout group-- who hasn't been involved in BronyCon in two months. That second walkout attempted to convince the applicant that the con is dying. (It has over 1100 paid RSVPs. This is not "dying".)
Evidence: (name of former staff applicant redacted)

2) Another of the walkout group attempting to convince the present Con Chair that he is in legal and/or financial danger (utter BS, of course) if he continues to work with the con. (This occurred at the February meetup). This same individual attempted to do the same to one of the other prospective Con Chairs in the past.

3) Several of the walkout group getting a staff member of the Traveling Pony Museum so terrified that the TPM would get blacklisted from all the OTHER brony conventions if she attended BronyCon that this staffer actually felt she had to ASK several con heads if this was so. (It wasn't.)
Evidence: (name of TPM employee redacted)

4) One of the walkout group calling one of the longtime BronyCon staffers and trying to scare him that they were worried about him going to jail over nonexistent 'embezzlement'. (He laughed and hung up on them.)
Evidence: (name of BronyCon staffer redacted)

These are only the events I'm AWARE of. Doubtless, there are more I'm unaware of. But, needless to say, these guys have been very active recently in spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (in the form of malicious lies) about the con, even after I stepped down as con chair-- and, in fact, even after I left the staff altogether.


Claim: "Purple Tinker committed acts of extortion and blackmail."
Reality: This one is just bizarre. As best I can tell, the "extortion" (or "blackmail"?) I am being accused of consists of saying "If [person X] remains in charge of the con, I will not provide further funding to the con." The money was legally (and ethically) mine to begin with (see the first couple of claims and my responses), and this isn't what "extortion" means anyways. Furthermore, I made the right choice to pressure this individual out of the Con Chair position; he was dishonest enough to attempt to FIX A VOTE within several days of assuming his position. I was not going to provide money which was legally mine to this sleazeball.


Claim: "Purple Tinker overpaid VAs for their appearances by a factor of four."
Reality: I suppose this is the counterpart to the "Purple Tinker didn't pay VAs" claim! Some rumours say that I overpaid VAs; some say that I didn't pay them at all.

I did not overpay any VA. Some fans have taken issue with the fact that the VAs were compensated AT ALL, labeling appearance fees themselves as "bribery". This is ludicrous.

VAs work for a living, and part of that work is appearing at conventions. The fees I paid and offered to VAs were well within the realm of normalcy for VA appearance fees-- actually, in many cases, they were very LOW for what the VAs usually charge. (For that matter, why would I want to deliberately overpay a VA?)


Claim: "Purple Tinker didn't pay employees."
Reality: Nobody signed up expecting to be paid. However, I was very heavily pressured to pay two employees, and I did. (Amusingly enough, I've ALSO heard people complaining that I DID pay employees!)
Evidence 1: Cheque to the former Chief of Security -
Evidence 2: Cheque to another former staffer -


Claim: "Purple Tinker doesn't even care about the fandom" / "Purple Tinker isn't even a real brony" / "Purple Tinker hates ponies".
Reality: I defined myself as a brony until very recently-- until October 2012, whereupon I began to call myself a "pony fan" out of disgust for the way I have been treated vis-a-vis these rumours. I loved the fandom very much.

There were a few weeks, when I was under incredible amounts of stress, when I was burned out on My Little Pony altogether. Nonetheless, I pulled through those stressful times, and I still love the show.

Nobody would put as much time and worry into building a convention if they weren't a fan of the show. It just isn't worth that much stress; it's an insanely stressful position with little or no financial payoff. I could have been doing more computer consulting work and raking in the dough (with FAR less stress), but I chose to help the community instead (and slack off on my consulting clients-- and, towards the end, even my day job).

Evidence: Here's a photo of my old desk at work. Does this look like the desk of someone who doesn't like ponies?…


Claim: "Andrew Brockert [is/was] Purple Tinker's puppet."
Reality: Andrew, due to these malicious and false rumours, spent his tenure as con org working overtime to distance himself from me. He was very intent on proving himself as completely independent from his predecessor. I couldn't puppet him if I wanted to, and I didn't want to. I'm not even friends with the man, and I spend more time upset at his decisions than happy with them.


Claim: "Purple Tinker didn't pay Bronyville their appearance fee [for BroNYCon January 2012], and they are taking action against the con."
Reality: There was never an appearance fee for Bronyville, and they have nothing against the con or myself.
Evidence: Refuted by Bronyville themselves at (specifically, on the audio recording itself, as well as the linked Google Doc at… -- screenshot at )


Claim: "Purple Tinker made people do chores for her!"
Reality: I let one of the future walkouts live in my home for free. In return, I asked that he do chores for me. I bought him food and drinks, art supplies, and even video games. He lived rent-free in my home for months. Sometimes, others would assist in cleaning the public areas of BronyCon HQ, as they were primarily used by staffers and volunteers (many of whom would stay overnight, eat my food and drink my drinks). It was more of a brony commune than an apartment.


Claim: "Purple Tinker tried to punish people for not opening their homes to strangers!"
Reality: Yes, I did, and it was a bad move, and I retracted it. I was upset that I was the only local willing to provide free housing to out-of-towners. I dealt with the situation poorly, and thereafter I retracted my decision. This was back in NOVEMBER, for the record, but the rumourmongers love dredging up old mistakes.


Claim: "Purple Tinker was thrown out of every other fandom she's ever been in." / "Purple Tinker was thrown out of the furry fandom".
Reality: Made up out of whole cloth. Outside the brony fandom, I'm only particularly active in the furry fandom. I have an account on FurryMUCK, and have had such accounts on and off since 1995. My present character object dates back to 2008.
Evidence: Here I am talking to one of the Player Relations wizards (administrators) on FurryMUCK, where I've spent 99% of my time in the furry fandom in the past 10 years. He confirms that I was never banned.


Claim: "Purple Tinker tried to have R34 art sold at BronyCon."
Reality: I personally do not have a problem with R34 art, but many in American society do. As a result, I banned R34 art at the convention. Anyone attempting to sell R34 on the con grounds did so in violation of con policy.


Claim: "Purple Tinker is a paedophile." / "Purple Tinker prefers little girls" / etc.
Reality: Made up out of whole cloth. (Is falsely accusing someone of this even legal?) I don't date anyone under 25. (I am, as of the time of writing, 32.)

As best I can tell, this originated after I made a flippant comment mocking those who were terrified that a child might accidentally see R34 art at a convention. Somehow, 'PT doesn't think R34 is harmful to children' morphed into 'PT wants to have sex with children'. I'm not sure how this is even remotely logical, but it certainly isn't true.


Claim: "Purple Tinker said something racist to a con staffer" / "Purple Tinker said something racist to a hotel staffer" / "Purple Tinker is generally racist"
Reality: I did not and I am not. This rumour originated from a statement I made against the NYPD and how THEY hate and abuse people of colour. Somehow, this got twisted around into "Purple Tinker hates black people". Incidentally, the now-ex-staffer I made this allegedly "racist" statement to is now my roommate.


Claim: "Purple Tinker just started BronyCon as a springboard to create a sci-fi con." / "Purple Tinker just started BronyCon as a springboard to create a furry con."
Reality: I never wanted to start a furry con. As for sci-fi cons: I was pondering eventually expanding into a sci-fi con, but this idea didn't even occur to me until well after the first couple of conventions. It was just a pie-in-the-sky idea that I semi-seriously floated by the council; they weren't interested, so it remained a pie in the sky.


Claim: "Purple Tinker threatened to commit suicide at the con." / "Purple Tinker threatens suicide to get what she wants."
Reality: I did not, and I would never do such a thing. Were I to kill myself, I would certainly not do it at a convention. (Besides which, how could I? I don't own any weapons, being a pacifist by nature.) I HAVE, however, been suffering from severe, at times suicidal depression, due to severe stress over the past few months. Having my name maliciously dragged through the mud after I poured so much of myself into building something for the community was a traumatic experience for me.

I have spoken in the past of certain circumstances under which I would rather kill myself than go on living, but they aren't things anyone I was talking to (or anyone they know) could possibly affect. So I certainly was not mentioning this to "get what I want"; the circumstances I was discussing were far out of the control of anyone I could reach. It was a statement of fact to express desperation and fear, not a threat to obtain some desired outcome. Nobody involved could have changed the things which were worrying me to the point of suicidality.

Frankly, the fact that my deepest worries and despairs have been twisted into a weapon to harm me is rather disgusting.


Claim: "Purple Tinker mistreated her friends."
Reality: Due to severe stress, I was sometimes rude and snippy to my friends. This, I regret, and I have already apologised. All I cared about was the well-being of the conventiongoers. The staff, I (incorrectly) saw as an extension of myself-- and I was badly neglecting myself. I neglected my own well-being in so many ways-- my job productivity went through the floor, my diet was absolutely wrecked, and I didn't even get a haircut for around 8 months. I have already apologised, though, and I'm working on de-stressing my life and learning to better cope with stress as it occurs.

As I've noted before, the stress was bringing out the absolute worst in me. This is why I was asked to step down, and I did.


Claim: "Purple Tinker secretly controls [insert name of convention here]."
Reality: I don't control ANY convention, secretly or otherwise.


Claim: "Purple Tinker is transgendered."
Reality: True. I've been subjected to a tremendous amount of bigotry due to this. It doesn't reflect well upon a community supposedly built around love and tolerance.


Claim: "Purple Tinker claims that everyone who disagrees with her is transphobic, and that they just hate her because she's transsexual."
Reality: Both untrue and ludicrous. I only claim that people are transphobic when they do transphobic things, such as deliberately referring to me as the wrong gender ("he") or as no gender at all ("it", "xhe", "that thing") or slurring me ("tranny", "faggot", etc.)

Unfortunately, a very large proportion of the people who disagree with me seem unable to resist doing these things.


Question: "If you are supposedly retired from the con, why are you still talking about this? Why won't you just let it die?"
Answer: I AM retired from the con, and I take pride in what I created. I'm not willing to let people spread lies about it, nor to let them spread lies about me. I am far from perfect, and I've made mistakes, but I am not going to let people smear me for things that are untrue.


These rumours continue to spread to this day, and there are those with a vested interest in continuing to spread them. The only way to put them to rest is to address them straightforwardly with evidence, as I have done here.


I believe that I have addressed every pertinent rumour, and do not wish to dredge up the past any more. My hope is that this can be a final statement on these matters. If you feel that I've missed a point, or wish to discuss something here at length, please email me or Google Chat me at (prpltnkr at gmail dot com).

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DarkmageRector Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
"Purple Tinker tried to punish people for not opening their homes to strangers"

Could I please have a link to this one? I'm curious what exactly happened.
Imperii Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Why do you use the Queen's English? I ask, because it appears to me as though you are from the States.
purpletinker Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
I am from the States, but I do not believe in American exceptionalism. Nothing is a purer, more arrogant statement of American exceptionalism than using an entirely different dialect of the English language than the rest of the world. So I reject American English and use international English standards wherever possible.
Imperii Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Yes, but as far as I can tell by reasearching (admittely, my query was not exhaustive in nature) the history of the spelling differences and the reasons that they exist, I am confident when I assert that the spelling differences have far more to do with philological reasoning than nationalism. Would you care to discuss the matter further? Perhaps we could add each other on skype or something. My skypeid is sorrowfulshingo
Imperii Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Ugh, I can't edit this. :| It shouldn't really begin with the "Yes, but", instead beginning with "As far as..."
AdorableRD97 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay. These trolls seriously have no heart... It is so unfortunate. They always seem to make everything worse on which they don't like. Could this be because they are jealous of how famous you are in the fandom?

For which they all said, it is so difficult to believe you are that! You are respectful and kind to other people and understand what they want to be and who they are. If you were racist, disrespectful, a drug addict, etc at the fandom, then there would be lots of people talking about it.

PT, I personally think you are talented and brilliant. Because of who you are and being brave to show it to the jerks. It's alright if you snapped at me, because I understand what you are going through and how you act. I am so sad that you are depressed and known to be a jerk by lots of mistook-en people.

If you are going through anything, please contact me. I always make everything better. This may be old news, but the future comes unexpected. So please, listen to your new friend and always come to me if you are going through something.
purpletinker Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Aw. Thank you! Your kind words mean a lot to me. <3
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